Throat Swabbing

Throat SwabbingA throat swab can detect those nasties that cause a sore throat such as bacterial infections, viral infections and allergic reactions like hayfever.

Most sore throat conditions only need a little TLC. However if you have a strep throat, which is caused by the streptococcus A bacteria, then an immune system reaction can be triggered. This reaction is known as Rheumatic Fever.

When Rheumatic fever occurs, the immune system attacks its own body – particularly the heart. This can result in permanent and life threatening damage to the valves and tissues of the heart. Maori and Pacific Islanders 4 – 19 years of age, and those living in poor economic conditions are more likely to get strep throat that progresses to rheumatic fever.

Hillcrest Pharmacy provides throat swabbing free to all 4-19 year old Maori and Pacific children across the Waikato District presenting a sore throat.

This service is also free to 4-19 year olds living in high deprivation areas presenting with a sore throat. If a child gets a positive result for the Group A streptococcal infection, symptomatic household contacts age 3 to 35 years can also be swabbed.

If you or one of your family has a sore throat that you are concerned about, give us a call. No appointment is required, simply come to the pharmacy and we will see you.