Hillcrest pharmacy employs two specialist clinical pharmacists who are dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive and up to date medication information and support available.

The Clinical Services we provide:

Boostrix Vaccinations


Now FREE for women who are 28 to 38 weeks pregnant!

Medela Breast Pump Hire

Medela Breast Pump Hire

Hire a Medela Breast Pump today!

Gout Treatment Advice

Gout Treatment Advice

Manage your gout with the expert advice from our pharmacists »

Medicine Review

Medicine Review

MUR involves an individualised review of your medication to suit your specific needs »

Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking Today!

Stop smoking with pharmacy support!

Throat Swabbing

Throat Swabbing

Detect Streptococcal Infections early! »

Flu Jabs & Vaccinations

Flu Jab & Vaccinations

The Hillcrest Pharmacy team are fully trained and equipped to provide adult vaccinations »

Pharmacy Advice

Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

Discuss how your SSRI medication fits into your overall treatment plan »

Blood Test

Warfarin Monitoring

With a quick finger prick blood test we can determine your INR result »

Warfarin Therapy

Anticoagulant Counselling

Information you need about Warfarin and your lifestyle to ensure your Warfarin therapy is effective and safe »