Cholesterol and Statins

What is Cholesterol

Cholesterol, we all have it, in fact it is needed for good health. However more is certainly not better in terms of cholesterol. So how does our body make cholesterol? We get fats from our diet, liver enzymes process these fats into essential components used by our bodies, including cholesterol. For some of us our bodies make too much cholesterol due to either a high fat content in our diet or/and an overactive enzyme system for the processing of fats in our liver. These excess fats and cholesterol circulate in our blood and are oxidised in much the same way metal is oxidised as rust. This ‘rusty fat’ deposits in our arteries causing them to clog up, increasing the risk for heart attacks, strokes and other health problems.

Cholesterol Lowering Medication – Statins

The more fats in our blood the more rusty fat deposits in our arteries and the more risk. By lowering the blood fat and cholesterol we can slow down the rate of rusty fat deposits. The most common and effective way of lowering cholesterol is with a group of drugs called Statins. Statins include Pravastatin®, Simvastatin®, Atorvastatin®, and Rosuvastatin®. Statins reduce the cholesterol made in our livers by blocking the enzyme that makes cholesterol. This means there is less cholesterol or fat in your blood stream, that then won’t react with oxygen and the ‘rusty fat’ will not deposit in your artery walls.

Statins are well researched and have the best outcomes for lowering cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular events by about 40%. Some people may experience side effects, these can be managed and the benefits of Statins strongly outweigh any side effects. If you’re on Statins and are experiencing side effects talk with us at Hillcrest Pharmacy and we will work with you to help combat these.

Lifestyles changes to help

Statins are the number one therapy for the treatment of high cholesterol. Lifestyle changes can also aid in reducing cholesterol. These are mainly:

  • Weight loss if overweight
  • Stopping smoking.


High cholesterol is risky, however, the good news is it can be managed. If you are worried about your cholesterol or want to know more come and see us at Hillcrest Pharmacy.

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